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Thread: moisture on the inside

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    Default moisture on the inside

    Hi, I am a new Vanagon owner as of yesterday....yeahh...however after it finished raining yesterday I wanted to take a look at the tent top and make sure all was well and low and behold the underside of the roof was moist just above the mattress and there was some mildew on the ceiling. How do I go about addressing this problem? Thanks,JEnny

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    There are several good cleaners for the mold... specific to fabric and mold. Even "Shout" stain remover works well. As for the leaks--- carefully, one by one, remove each of the through-top bolts that hold the entire unit, including the hinge bolts. Clean all, and seal them with professional butyl sealant used for skylight frames and such. Not just GE silicone. Also examine the rubber rim trim, that runs entirely around the pop top. GoWesty and others sell a replacement if yours is trashed. And- when Captain Mike was here- he would also tell you to do a search of the archives for top repairs and seals.

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    Default Moisture on the inside

    Thanks for the response Dave.
    I tried a variety of cleaners and finally ended up with Chlorine Bleach. I read up on mold and mildew and that is what they recommended for the final straw. It worked very well. I also found some info about sealing the bolt holes as you had recommended. That will be my job for tomorrow. Got to get it done before the rainy season comes.


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