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Thread: Can't Unlock Back Seat to Open the Bed

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    Default Can't Unlock Back Seat to Open the Bed

    I have a '87 Westfalia. I'm unable to unlock the back seat to lift it up and pull it out into a horizontal bed. The black button underneath the seat that I normally pull out to lift the seat doesn't work. It seems like it is stuck.

    Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I can open it?

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    if the knob is stuck i would 1st try to spray some penterating oil wd40 etc.see if that would help

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    Does the black knob move at all?
    My seat will jamb if its not folded back correctly, the knob will pull but, if I remember correctly the, the hold up arm for the storage are gets caught on something. A couple of forceful pulls on the seat while pulling the knob freed it up.

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    I had same problem few years ago. Under the seat, when lifted up, you can see screws holding seat to frame. These had worked loose & allowed seat to move slightly forward preventing black knob from working. Try pushing seat back as you pull knob out. This worked for me. Good luck.

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