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Thread: Resurrecting an '81 Westfalia.

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    Default Resurrecting an '81 Westfalia.

    Hi All!

    I am thinking on resurrecting my father's '81 Westfalia.

    It's an automatic one, with a small kitchen and all that... The body is in good shape, the interior is all messed up for having being exposed to the weather for almost 15 years... But first things first.

    The engine had been recently repaired here in Mexico back then, and it was fine, but during the repair process the mechanics burned out the fuel injection electronics and ended up removing it... A couple of carburetors were adapted and the VW ran sort of ok for a while... But my mom took it to another shop where they supposedly tried to make it run better but ended ended up giving up and leaving it all messed up for 15 years... Now I have it and trying to decide...

    One thing is for sure, I am missing the torque converter... Can anyone tell mi if I can find one still and Where?

    Once having that, I think we would have to open up the engine and re-repair it, since it has not been moved for so long and water probably entered through the intakes since it was left just sitting on the ground.... Is this assumption correct?

    Is it reasonable to think that it can be made to work fine with a carburetor? I think re making it fuel injected would be way harder.

    If the torque converter is hard to find, could we convert it to a standard transmission? Are those easier to find?

    Anyways... I would appreciate any advise any of you can give me... Thanks in advance!

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    i think gowesty.com has torque converters.van-cafe.com,busdepot.com for parts.for used parts look at car-parts.com is a list of wrecking yards all over the country and you can look up parts you might need to see where they are.i looked and even autozone can get a torque converter

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    Thanks a lot for the info! Now I know where to start...

    Again, thanks!


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