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Thread: Where to buy aftermarket A/C unit ?

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    Default Where to buy aftermarket A/C unit ?

    My inlaws are giving me their 1986 Westfalia but the only problem with it is that it does not have A/C. Is it possible to install an A/C unit in a Westfalia that did not originally come with A/C. If the answer is "yes" where would I purchase the A/C unit and what is the approximate cost? Hoping to take my sons and father camping and fishing in the future so the westy will definitely need a/c. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give.

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    Hello, I just remembered my login. Been a while. I installed an aftermarket dash AC that I purchased new from a company called vintage air. I removed the factory fresh air box and heater core and replaced it with the Vintage air unit that has it's own heater core. It was a lot of work to do, but came out really nice. This gentleman did a good write up of his install. https://sites.google.com/site/blakeh...ioning-project

    I have linked to a finished picture of my install. You will need to relocate the stereo head, but other than that, well worth the trouble. More than $1000, but less than $1500.


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