Hey all! My Name is David and I am so pumped to be an official owner now!! A friend bought a 1 owner with maintanence records, 1984 Westy GL Wolfsburg about 7 years ago. I told him the day he brought it home that I wanted it. Well he finally caved in and gave it up!!! Woohoo!!! Anyways, I have been using westfalia.org for info since the day I told him I wanted it. It has been so very helpful. I hope I will be able to share helpful info with you all just as you do with the westy world. As for now, I am off to other sections of this amazing forum to see what I can find out about planning for a big trip. I need to come up with a stock box of common trouble parts and I'll need a nice road side tool kit too.

Once again, I am now an owner of a 1984 1.9L Vanagon GL Wolfsburg Westfalia. 113,000 miles. I put about $1500 into it the last 3 months. She seems to be running great. A little sluggish, but I guess that's how they are. Any advice, send me a message!!