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Thread: Failed CA SMOG

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    Default Failed CA SMOG

    My 1985 1.9l Westy did not pass smog because NOX levels were too high. I have looked through the manual and could find nothing that relates to that and I am not sure what to check. The guy at the test station said that it could be running too hot. Any help is much appreciated


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    Cool California Smog

    I just suffered through the same problem with my 81 Westy, also 1.9, but air cooled. It took several days at a Gold Shield smog garage to finally pass smog - don't even ask me what it cost! What I can tell you is that it's a very complicated process to complete. In my case, it required a garage full of instruments to test spark, fuel flow, CO2, etc., etc. Plus, the engine was actually missing some of the smog hardware, (crossover pipe, O2 sensor, etc.) had numerous small vacuum leaks and vapor leaks around the fuel tank and fuel filler neck. So, it failed the "visual" inspection right off. There is so much involved! Also, I have a 49 state Westy with a previously rebuilt Calif engine. As far as running hot, the engine compartment must be sealed completely with a good rubber seal, no missing sheet metal and a heat shield must be installed between the muffler/CAT, and the bottom of the engine. (But the engine needs to be hot so the CAT is hot enough to work as it should anyhow.)

    A new coil and mass airflow meter were installed, the van was adjusted, pre-tested and re-adjusted and pre-tested many times before it finally passed. The Bently tells you how to test the mass airflow meter. If you need a new one, you cannot be sure they were adjusted properly at the factory. They must be adjusted properly. My advice, grit your teeth, give up movies and going out for dinner for a while and go to a recommended Gold Shield garage. (List available at the DMV website). With luck it may be just a few adjustments.

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