I know this is relative to numerous factors, but I'm trying to get a general sense of what it is worth. I cant find any unrestored split westy's for sale for comparison. It has the pop top, roof rack, auxilary gas heater (not working), complete original westy interior in real good condition, approx 1500 miles on engine I built about 15 years ago with parts from gene berg. It is a straight 1600 with the wider dog house fan and sheet metal. I built it per the berg book (right down to only using non-detergent oil) and was shimmed for todays lower octane. It's 12 volt electronic ignition. I've kept it garaged or carported for the 20 years I've owned her. The body was painted white over the original oyster color by the original owner. There is surface rust showing through in places. I live in the southeast and guys that have looked at her are pleased with the small amount of rust for her age.