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Thread: RPMs up and down at idle, engine warm

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    Default RPMs up and down at idle, engine warm

    Couldn't find any psotings on these symptoms so here we go--whne cold my 1.9L 1985 runs at 1200 rpm just fine, when warm, rpms constantly fluctuate up and down when accelerator at idle position. ? Idle control switch/valve? Have a Bentley but nothing really pops out on this trouble shooting. thanks

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    Look at page 24.33 of the Bentley - it'll tell you how to check the idle and full load switches. It could be that the switches make contact when cold but due to expansion could become open when warm. There is also an auxiliary air regulator and checking that is on page 24.28. Also check the adjustment of your throttle valve (Bentley 24.37) as it may need cleaned / adjusted.

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    My engine did the same until I lower the idle to 900 rpm. Seems the last owner didn't like the low idle when the engine is cold. Now I let it warm up a bit and when it reaches warm it idles just fine.
    Problem solved


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