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Thread: Fridge flue problems

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    Question Electrolux 3 way on 1984 joker westfalia

    I am able to light my fridge but that's about it, I get no cooling and noxious fumes fill the cabin,I remember being told that there is a cowl that sometimes gets dislocated...I have tried to remove the whole unit in an attempt to maintain and overhaul and of course repair.I have tried to remove all the bolts and screws that seem to hold the unit in position but cannot get it to budge even a millimetre.What do i need to do to access the combustion chamber...does anybody know?do i need to remove all the cooker hob ,sink and gubbins?PLEASE CAN ANYBODY HELP ME? p.s. this vehicle is currently my accomodation...would welcome any assistance
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    Default electrolux fridge testing

    hi all I have an electrolux RM 184 EGI fridge on the bench in the garage, and am giving it a good going over prior to fitting. I have confirmed the fridge works on AC, but am having a problem with two things. On the DC side I have connected the + and - to a 12 v supply and confirmed the fan works by warming up the little sensor with my wifes hairdryer. I cant get the fridge to cool though. On the gas side I have had the burner running and fridge nice and cold. But cant get it to light with the ignition. Is it possibe to test these two areas on the bench as there are still two wires not connected, ie the brown wire on the three way and the brown wire on the safety/ignition button.

    made some progress here that may help others, I have now connected the two stray wires together and I have full function on the gas lighting and reignite feature, still having a problem with cooling on 12 v but I think its a failed relay. however the 3 way switch seems a bit temperamental has anyone ever striped this switch down with any success or know of a source to replace. I know this is a long shot but does anyone live near ross on wye in uk I would love a peek at a similar van to answer a few q's I still have.
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    I've got an 84 Joker sitting outside with an electrolux 184 installed... I'm in Germany near Stuttgart if you want to talk about the vans. PM and we can exchange numbers...
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