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Thread: Ethics behind vw restoration/parts supplier

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    Default Ethics behind vw restoration/parts supplier

    I am new member in a search for a Syncro VW to be my next daily driver. Thought I found my vehicle, made an agreement with the president of a company whom sent me wiring instructions for a deposit. So I set off for town to get the deposit out as soon as my bank opened. When I returned home latter that day I had CC: email from the president of the company telling his staff that two deposits might be coming in for the same vehicle and that the first deposit to arrive was the new owner of the vehicle.

    Off course I called the company and they stated my deposit was second and I would have to wait to hear from the president again before any decisions were made.

    Is this the type of ethical treatment the big VW shops operate under when dealing with customers?

    I was excited about becoming an owner of a Syncro but now I am getting a bad taste in my mouth. I have also posted this up on "the Samba" so if it is a reread for you I apologize--just trying to get a feel for the VW community. Thanks

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    Well after much anxiousness I finally got a response from the president. He stated "There was NO WAY I could be certain that he would in fact follow through—or you for that matter. People state all sorts of things and often don’t follow through. So, I kept up the dialogue going with both of you" even though the email that prompted him to send me the wiring instructions was as follows:

    -------- Original Message --------
    Subject: Sold Re: FW: FW: 1991 TriStar DOKA Syncro
    Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 08:26:00 -0700

    With a big leap of faith lets move forward on this--consider the truck sold. My Bank opens at 10am so I will set the wire up this morning so that it hits your Bank hopefully before the end of the day.

    Then the president went on to state that considering the circumstances he might have another vehicle to sell me, however it would most likely cost more to complete the build then the vehicle that I was originally interested in. I call this dangling a carrot! A hunter who misses a shot at a rabbit, will then try dangling a carrot in the hopes to lure that rabbit back in for yet another chance at the rabbit.

    Overall this has been a very interesting learning lesson.

    1. I found out this company does not value it customers to the point where it shows no respect for the intentions of a client and indicates that any verbal or written intentions of the client are not be trusted.

    2. Most likely I was going to over pay for a vehicle that even though was supposedly "turn key" I was going to have to sell two vehicles for the purchase. When after searching more on this sight and others I could find a vehicle in great condition that might just need a little playing with for a fraction of the cost.

    3. There are a number of these vehicles available through a number of different sources--may take a little longer to have in hand--but then again I don't currently have one so waiting a little longer is not going to kill me either.

    I am requesting a "full" refund of my deposit and will never offer patronage to this company again. Once I have my money returned I will name the company and share copies of some of the emails that have taken place. As for me I still operate under the idea that a hand shake or verbal agreement is as good as a written contract. And that even with the current economy, it is no reason to throw away integrity and honesty. Thanks again for all the support.

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    Just so others know the company is: GoWesty

    Here is a copy of the mail from the President of the company when I thought we had a deal:

    -------- Original Message --------
    Subject: RE: FW: FW: 1991 TriStar DOKA Syncro
    Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 08:04:18 -0700
    From: S. Lucas Valdes <lucas@gowesty.com>
    To: 'Scott


    If you wire a deposit this morning, and are prepared to pay the balance when the vehicle is ready to ship; I would be willing to do that and include everything listed EXCEPT the block heater; we just don’t have any. Besides, you won’t need one anyway for the TDI—they already have a pretty elaborate coolant system glow-plug warmer.

    Total price will be $xxxxxxx, delivered.

    Here is GoWesty's bank info:

    Routing/ABA number:

    Account number:

    Account name: PE Enterprises, Inc. (Parent company)

    Total amount to wire this morning: $5000

    That would leave a balance due of $xxxxxxx due when the vehicle is ready to ship. We can have this vehicle ready in as little as 10 working days. If you need more time to get the balance together, we can stretch it out another couple of weeks if need be.


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    Refund back in the bank and I know what company not to use in the future!!!! One of those learning lessons in life. Hunt is on for another vehicle!


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