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Thread: Power windows

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    Cool Vanagon power window problem

    I have a 1991 Westie that the driver's window goes down okay, but will not go up. It just makes a clicking sound.

    I pulled out the motor and regulator. Motor is good and the regulator is good. The problem is the interface between these. When separating the motor from the regulator (and removing the cover on the regulator), there is a rubber interface bushing that has a plastic piece on the motor side and a plastic piece on the regulator side. The rubber piece is "slipping" with the plastic piece on the regulator side.

    Does anyone know of a substitute for the rubber interface bushing piece? I have two other options, try a heavy duty weather strip adheasive, or buy a new regulator assembly. I hate doing the last because my regulator is in excellent condition (except for the rubber bushing). Anyone have any other ideas???

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    Default broken rubber coupling for windor motor/regulator

    i have a 91 westy, and i recently tried replacing my passenger side power window motor. while trying to remove the motor from the regulator, the rubber connecting coupling sheared into two peices. has this happened to anyone before? it would seem like a common peice to break while replacing the motor, as mine was siezed into place and the rubber seems like it was brittle. does anyone know where to pick up a new rubber piece? Does anyone have any successful repair methods that they have used?

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    Wire/cable length for power window regulator?

    Hi! Just bought a beautiful Vanagon, and the driver's side power regulator had frayed/split cables. I'm trying to replace the 1/16" wire rope cables and get the tension right, but I don't know what length the cables are supposed to be. I've done a lot of trial and error, clipping and splicing wires, buying lots of stops and ferrules. An exact measurement of the upper and lower cable length would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    Meanwhile; I'll keep the window propped up with a stick like everyone else :-)

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