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Thread: Vacuum advance cut-off valve

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    Default Vacuum advance cut-off valve

    Dear All

    Bought an imported 74 Westfalia from California. It is a dual-carb, 2000cc
    with all the emission controls: evaporative fuel filter, exhause gas afterburner,
    exhaust gas re-circulation.

    On the Vacuum advance cut-off valve, quite a lot like the one pictured:

    I have 3 pipes, not 2. Next to the wires, there a 2 pipes (not 1 as shown).
    On mine, one goes to the L/H carb, the other to the EGR valve. The
    pipe on the other end of the cut-off goes nowhere and is about 15" long.

    Also the carb. balance pipe has a take-off which goes out and under
    the bus to the brake servo. Where this pipe jiggles around the drive
    shaft it has a couple of in-line fittings, one of which I understand is a one-way
    valve and the other fitting is for a take-off pipe which also goes nowhere and
    is about 6 or 7mm (1/4") diameter and about 12" long.

    According to diagrams in Haynes manual the 3rd pipe on the vacuum
    adv. cut-off should connect to the brake servo pipe.

    So, should these two be connected with a joiner or something ?

    Anyone got a Cali 74 bus they could look at ?

    Many thanks

    Campsie Camper
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