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Thread: Headlight adjustment (& auxiliary lights)

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    Default Yellow fogs on the way out; comments on blue lights.

    Last year, I hit a deer. 1st one, and for my county and driving conditions (often pre-dawn in the country) I'm statistically way below average. And this one, I just ticked the rear end with the right corner of the Syncro. I had stood on the brakes but was still probably doing 5-10 mph. The deer didn't even slow down. But, it took out the right fog light, which in turn damaged the bumper where it was mounted and was pushed back far enough to dent the nose. My comprehensive policy paid it all without a murmer, but I had to go outside for the fog lights since they were no longer available from VW. I found an equivelant set of yellow Hellas from Susquehanna but they reminded me that yellow fogs were being discontinued. Seems the Europeans have banned the heavy metal content contained in the reflector coating of yellow fogs. I did try a set of the yellow H3 bulbs but they are a joke -- no measurable color and several times the cost. The whites are just as effective, but I liked the yellow and think they have a far greater attraction factor when used as daytime running lights. Susquehanna did say they are supposedly working on more effective bulbs and possibllly a replacement yellow coating, but not in foreseeable future. FYI I have a set of Hella "bulls eye" Micro DE white fogs on my truck and they are excellent, but I've also seen the econo ones at the discount stores and they are worthless. Blue lights, as seen on the pimped-out cars, are equally worthless. The DE's are probably too deep for use on a VW bus. A friend tried a set of the blue H4's on his Mercedes (premium brand) and said they cut his visibilty nearly in half. As a test, I fished them out of the trash and tried them in my car -- similar results -- back in the trash.

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    Default Headlight adjustment auxiliary lights

    there are adjustment "screws" on the backside of the headlight. Had to do this to my Z4 as well - I think the screw I adjusted was a white plastic Phillips head.

    Im sure someone will chime in with a better answer. Good luck

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