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Thread: General Posts about personal Westy plans

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    Default RE: Westfalia Continenatl Resto

    Cutting out the rot and putting some solid metal back in.

    Pics will be added hopefully daily!

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    Default Living in Westy while doing contract computer programming

    I just started doing contracting about 3 years ago. At the time, I rented a room in Orangeburg, NY and it cost me $750 a month. After six months of that I bought an older RV conversion van and lived in it for over a year. ' Got rid of it when I bought my first home in Lancaster, PA.
    Now my first gig is coming to an end and I'll very likely have to travel and live somewhere else to get work. So I bought a '85 Westy. It's in excellent condition.

    I plan to:
    Replace the propane tank.
    Put in a second battery.
    Install a Propex furnace.
    Maybe a roof-top A/C unit.
    Insulating curtains.
    See if fridge will work well enough or replace it.
    Insulate and sound proof more.
    Tons of other little things.

    Saw a picture of hardwood floors in one of these. Wow!

    We'll see how the adventure goes. If the pay is good, the adventure will go faster!

    Happy trails,
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    Smile Heading Across Canada this summer!!

    Hey All,
    I bought my 83 water-cooled Westfalia last summer and am now preppin for a trip across the country!!
    Things I am thinking about doing and would love some advice about are:
    -buying new foam for the beds, thinking after 27 years it might be time for something a little fresher..
    -constructing covers for the beds and seats (I have a black lab and don't want to the seats to get ruined cause of his hair)
    -putting in new curtains, the one's in there are stiff and old..
    - need to figure out how to get the kitchen up and running.. any help would be very appreciated..
    -installed a second battery but need a new relay switch
    Thanks for reading and look forward to any suggestions

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    Default 82 Westy Diesel "Mello Yellow" Makeover

    Starting with the inside by cleaning everything. Removing peeling contact paper and painting the fiberboard panels. After that, will be making sure all the "kitchen" appliances work (seller told me they do, but haven't had a chance to try them). Need to put in a floor that's easy to clean (no carpet!). Thinking either vinyl or laminate. Eventually new door panels and seat/bed covers all around. Also needs new canvas, but can get by with replacing the screen for now. Outside needs body work on sliding door and both rear quarter panels. Once the body is straight, paint will follow. Rear bumper had to go and will be getting a replacement at some point. 15x6 wheels are on order and will require appropriate rubber. Just had to get new brakes all around. I'm sure there's LOTS more, but this ought to keep me busy for quite awhile. I've started an album documenting my work.

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    Default Thanks for the help and camaraderie, but my Westy is sold

    After eight years, I have sold my 1984 Westfalia camper. It has been great. I've taken it to the places I wanted and enjoyed it. But it is time to move on - to something with a toilet!

    I want to thank Capt. Mike and John B. for all their help and for providing a great place like westfalia.org. I know I have contributed as much as these two greats, but I hope my posts helped a few people.

    I wish you Westy owners the best. Keep them on the road. Keep the spirit alive.

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    I don't have too much of a problem with wealthy activists, senators, governors, and mayors putting up their own money. If they are so dedicated to their cause, then they why don't they? Because they are hypocrites.

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