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Thread: Engine Replacement -- reman vs. rebuilds/repairs

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    Default Update on my Rebuild - 2yrs later

    Hi there,

    I posted about my 86 Westy a couple summers ago (see my last post in this thread). I had the engine completely rebuilt by a mechanic in the GTA. Great guy.. Dave at the Autoshop in Rexdale. It's been 2 yrs now since the rebuild and I've put about 25-30,000 km on it since. Things are going great. I've had no problems so far. I am pretty solid on my regular maintenance and I store the van over winters. I know a lot of people struggle with the choice.. rebuild or new engine.. It's a tough call. I made a choice and I'm just reporting my experience so far with the decision.

    All the best,

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    Default Westie rookie

    Hi all,

    Yet another new member that needs advice/help.

    So...I have wanted a Westie for years and was finally was able to afford one. About a month ago I bought a 1985 Vanagon GL Wesfalia. I am in love. She has all the bells and whistles, including A/C. She is a little high on mileage (140k), but in wonderful shape.

    To make a long story short, I started my love affair with a blown engine on my very first trip to the Oregon coast.

    Anywho...here is my question. Is it a better idea to rebuild the original motor, or should I go remanafactured? From all of the OEM engine horror stories I have read, I am leaning towards rebuilding what I have.

    If anyone feels like throwing some advice my way or recommending parts or engine suppliers, please do! Which way is more cost efficient?

    FYI - I pulled the engine and found two snapped valves and one completely destroyed, exploded piston. Some of the small shards have damaged two of the other cylinders as well.

    FYI - This is a 1.9 waterboxer, 85hp model.

    Thanks to all for any advice!!!

    ~Whiskey Mike
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