Hi All

Hope you can help having thought about this for a long time I am choosing between 2 vans and need to decide tonight
Both 93 T4 westfalia
body on both are equal
both have a great service history and are diesel
both on original gearbox/clutch engine etc.

one is
212,000 kms
all seems good to me but
blows black smoke for a second on start up
followed by a puff of white smoke then fine clear smoke
has 2 worn rear tyres equal but more than the fronts
only significant work is rear ? springs
missing a couple of headrests
surfboard racks with locks

other is 2.4
170,000 kms
slightly better service history
six months limited warrantee on engine from dealer
has headrests etc
surfboard racks with missing locks
no smoke
$2200 dollars more expensive (1000)

Any advice at all ?