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Thread: LP consumption

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    Transferred from another Vanagon Fridge Syndrome topic to separate subjects.

    Fred Lum (roocnu@interlog.com)

    9/19/99 (1:01 PM)

    Thanks for summarizing Westy fridge info Capt Mike! Finally got the fridge on my '85 Westy to start up relatively consistently on LP. We just got the camper this year so we're in the process of tinkering and planning. What I'm now wondering is how long will the LP last if you're just running the fridge?



    Rob McLeod (rmcleod@smednet.com)

    9/20/99 (2:30 PM)

    Somewhere and god knows I have looked at a lot of archives but I think it was in vanagon.com that a owner ran a fridge on max for two weeks with about 6 full meals cooked on the burners. Not bad is it.

    -- Rob McLeod

    Capt. Mike Soehnlein

    9/20/99 (8:27 PM)

    We have the Vanagon, which does have a bigger tank than the old Type IIs with the addition of the LP fridge. On extended camping trips -- and I'm talking 6 weeks to 2 months -- we use both the fridge & stove extensively and rarely use more than 2 tanks. I think I filled 3 times once during a 2-month, 14,000-mile trip (including the original fill before the trip started) and had a bunch left over.

    The fridge takes very little. During our trips we ran the fridge every night from 10-16 hours. We also cook two hot meals per day, and heat bath water for the two of us. I'll also switch to LP during the day if stopped for more than a couple of hours. I have dual batteries, so don't switch for short stops.

    Capt. Mike

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    I just happened to working on a very late model vanagon fridge '91. There is a placard on the door stating that it's BTU input is 360btu/hour. Somewhere else on the site I did a calculation about the BTU capacity of the tank, so you can figure out how long it will run. Sometime I will tansfer that information to this page.


    PS. I also noted that this fridge had an electronic ignigter, rather than the piezo system. (It didn't work any better however!)

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