Hello Forum,

Westfalia is a company i didnīt know about before. I found their company trought Toolon.se - Powered by Westfalia. Unfortunately i decided to put and order and just want to share my negative experience as a tip for the forum members.
Iīm sorry my first post i such a negative one.

I made my order on Toolon.se - Powered by Westfalia - july 2018. They shipped only part of my order and didnīt seem to realise the problem when i cotacted them. Close to a month the lost parcel arrived.

The lost parcel had a product that was used, damaged, repainted and was sold as new to me.
In my opinion the product also was useless for the purpose written in the information. That was problably also the reason someone sent it back to them and then they painted it and sold it as new to me.

There is pictures on the following link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/xcshBr8eL73dMZ9o7

I made my complaint right away and they order pickup of the parcel.
After that they have told me that they have retransfered the money back to me and over a halv year later i still not have the funds in my account. I have made everything that they asked for and still no money.

As i took my case to the Swedish Enforcement Agency they need autorized signatory for Westfalia to be able to proceed with the case. I have tried every contact way to Westfalia and have made contact and they wont give me the information.

At the moment I have no product, not the money and just many broken promises of repayment of the money.

Sorry to bring this information to the forum as it gives so much negative impression om the brand you seem to like so much - but unfortunately this is how they run the operation in Sweden.

/ Forum member 123 - orderno: 30706 if company official want to join the thread.