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Thread: Fuel mileage -- fuel supply or carb only, NO FI!

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    Default Fuel mileage -- fuel supply or carb only, NO FI!

    Hello all;
    I've inherited an 1971 Westfalia from my grandparents and last spring my wife and I took it on its first trip around Vancouver Island and the Sunshine coast. We had a great time although the interior of this model is more of a weekender then a long tripper lacking a stove fridge etc.

    The biggest issue that we've had with the camper is that she sucks down the fuel like mad. We are wondering if that is unusual, or should we expect this in an older model like this? Is there anything that we can do to increase the fuel efficiency? Like installing a dual carb engine?

    P.S We did have her tuned up before the start of that year and new tyres installed.
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    Most of the carburated version exceeded EPA 17 mpg and many went over 20. Conversions to dual carbs or aftermarket carbs are covered in the ENGINE CONVERSION forum, but are not recommended. If your mileage is very low, you probably need an overhaul or rebuild of the original carburator covered in the "Carbs . . ." topic. Also check your fuel pump pressure and operation, as well as tune-up specifications per the Bentley. Fuel efficiency is a mix of engine design, driving habits and proper maintenance. The design was fine, an excellent compromise between efficiency, power & reliability so look at the other two.

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    Okay, sorry its been awhile, I just figured out the mileage I get on my bus.
    In Metric:
    12.38 Litres per 100 Km
    In US:
    18.99 miles per US gallon
    In Imperial:
    22.81 miles per Imperial gallon
    This was on a range of city and highway but mostly highway. Please let me know what you think, is this normal, low or high?

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