Hi, everybody
I just joined the forum a couple of hours ago.
I purchased the camper this spring thinking to do a cross Canada trip on the camper.
We have had a two short trips on it recently. The indicator is showing the waste water tank is full and needs emptying.
The van didn't come with any instruction booklet so I searched and found one for European model. It showed that there
is a valve to open and close at the bottom of the left hand kitchen cabinet, however, I cannot find anything there except
black rubber drainage hose. I opened all of metal covers which are closed with screws, however, I couldn't find any
shutoff valve there nor inside of the van. Only thing I know is on the outside, on driver's side, there is a black covered
garden hose connector.
Please help me figure out to empty the waste water tank.

Later I might need some help to fix problem with the clean water
system. The 3A fuse was blown out and I replaced with a new one however, the water isn't coming out from the spout.