Hi everybody,
I have had a few VW campers over the years (mostly air-cooled) and Iím a back-yard/hobbyist mechanic. I purchased a 1984 Westy 1.9L 2wd waterboxer in 2014 which I am slowly restoring as time/money allows. It has 272,000 miles, probably had a partial rebuild along the way (heads/valves) and Iím the 3d owner. It runs surprisingly well! I only use it locally, but do plan on some long distance trips someday. Besides minor rust repair and a little suspension work, my next big task is to replace the clutch/assembly. Although I have my trusty Bentley and a couple other manuals, the info from this forum and the experiences of other Westy owners sure will help clear up a lot of tech questions - and maybe I can provide an answer from time to time.
Shenandoah Valley of Virginia