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Thread: Glutton for punishment...on the hunt for second westy

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    Default Glutton for punishment...on the hunt for second westy

    Hello westfalia.org members,

    New member on the hunt for a new westy. Had an 82 years ago, and loved it! After many years with newer cars, have returned to my preference for older, less reliable, and ultimately more expensive older cars because they are, well, a helluva lot cooler. Since my 89 FJ62 landcruiser occassionally requires downtime for repairs, i need another car to keep around and figured another westy would be perfect plus give me a great camping rig. I'm a compentent mechanic and enjoy working on them, so not terribly scared to get into another project.

    I'm looking now, but have found a few of interest that i might as well inquire about and see what folks think. Both are in need of an engine. First is a 81 aircool, other is 82 diesel. Both manual and otherwise in comparable condition. What are the pros and cons (and costs) of each in terms of engine swaps for a Subaru 2.2L vs. just swapping in a rebuild of the original engine, upgrading to 1.9L diesel, etc....

    I'm somewhat sensitive to cost (in that I don't want to get into a 7K project with my other projects going on simultaneously) so cost is a factor.
    On my previous vanagon (which i also purchased with blown engine), I just dropped a new GEX 2.0 into it and it ran like a baby for many years under harsh conditions, and I was out a couple of grand.

    Hope to hear your thoughts!

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    Meh... I wouldn't touch either with a 10' pole. Particularly if cost is an issue. You have no ideas about the state of the transaxle but if the engines are toast, I wouldn't count on the TA's being 100% (read "yet more money needed"). Plus even a "healthy" Westy can keep you amused with updating, maintaining, and repairing the vehicle. That I don't own controlling stock in GoWesty or Van Cafe, given all the money I've put into our 90 Westy, is probably due solely to neither company being publicly traded.


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