I am Dan from the Seacoast of NH. Recently the new owner of a 1985 Westfalia. I believe it is my 22nd VW (if you count the 914 in the yard) and only my 2nd watercooled one.

My wife wanted an "epic" vacation for our 10th anniversary and the choices came down to heading to Scotland for a couple of weeks or traveling the US. We chose the US.

I have been to 49 states (missing Alaska) and my wife has been to about 8. Easy choice.

I showed her pics of Westfalias and she was sold. I have wanted one for about 25 years having had a 65 21 window and a 66 kombi.

Scotland lost for now as buying the camper opens up many many other vacations around New England and beyond.

Planning an engine swap so we can pull the local hills and in 2 summers the rockies. Other than that just a few odds and ends need to be taken care of. As bought it could head just about anywhere I bet. Really good shape and purchased for a decent $11.5k.

First trip is to VT for the week starting Friday AM. I cannot wait.