It's been several years since I've been on this forum, sorry to hear about Capt. Mike.

TexasAirCooler is my screen name everywhere. Terry is my given name.
I was born and raised in Dallas Texas and have been an Air Cooler since 1982.
I live out east of Greenville Texas.

My Dubs at this time:
'69 bug (daily driver)
'70 baja (5/16 project)
'65 13 window deluxe bus (restore project I just acquired)

My Other Ride: (support vehicle)
'99 GMC Sierra 2500 Crew Cab

My Interest:
Air Cooled V Dubs, Desert Racing, Horses, Computers, Classic Vehicles, old Farm Tractors, Military Vehicles,
Ice Cold Beer, Hot Looking Women. (And Not Always In That Order)

My Past Dubsnot including any listed above)'68 Ghia (1st Vdub),'65 Bug,'68 bug, '68 Westy, '70 Westy,
'70 Transporter '72 Super, '73 Bug X 2, '73 Super X 2, '73 Westy, '74 Bug x 2, '74 Super,