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Thread: Fuel pump won't shut off, when engine stops & key turned off

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    Default Fuel pump won't shut off, when engine stops & key turned off

    My 1982 Westy (gas, 2.0L) has been off the road and not running for 4 years, undergoing a very slow rebuild. We finally got it started yesterday, but the fuel pump does not shut off when I turn the key off and shut off the engine. I have to go to the back of the van and unplug the relay to turn off the fuel pump. Then if I plug it back in with engine off, it's fine, the fuel pump doesn't start going. But when the engine is next turned on and off again, the fuel pump remains on. Would appreciate any suggestions.

    (I also posted this question elsewhere on this board, under Fuel Injection, but then decided this was perhaps the better category since it is not really an FI question.)

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    First silly question (my apologies) would be how do you know the fuel pump is still running with the key off? I'm guessing you hear a buzzing noise but please let us know. If unplugging the relay shuts down the pump and reconnecting it does not start the pump up again then that means the relay is not stuck closed but is more likely to be a wiring issue. As part of your 'rebuild', did you change any of the wiring for the engine? Is it possible that some wiring is not put back correctly? Relay has the following:

    terminal 88d is output to the fuel pump
    terminal 88y is 12v from the battery
    terminal 86a is power from starter terminal 50
    terminal 88c is grounded through the ECU when the fuel pump is requested on

    So, that means that if the ECU is supplying ground after the key is off then the relay will stay energized and the fuel pump will run. Do not check the ground through the ECU with a large load carrying device or you may fry the ECU. So, check the wiring and swap the relay if there is another on hand and let us know.


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