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Thread: Hard Starting from cold and hot .

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    Default Hard Starting from cold and hot .

    On my 1988 Auto Westy when I start up from cold it fires up then drops back to idle and stalls after the third startup playing with the throttle I can keep it running but for a few mins it surges up and down.When hot it will fire up and idle but trying to pull away it surges and some times stalls.The Westy has had a new fuel tank,fuel filter,injectors,spark plugs.A good computor was put on for a week no change.Can any one help

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    There are so many things that could cause this it would be difficult to advise you where to start. First thing to consider is the maintenance and service history up to the point where this issue started to emerge. Was the van running fine then this happened or had it been sitting for 10+ years and this is the result? We would need some historical information of the usage and reasons for these components that you have changed. A good place to start would be to service the engine and clean the grounds on the engine block and from engine block to chassis. A lot of fuel injection 'problems' are caused by poor grounds which can lead to a lot of problems. Start there and let us know.


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