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Thread: Owner of 1981 VW Westfalia Vanagon L air cooled & have battery problems

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    Default Owner of 1981 VW Westfalia Vanagon L air cooled & have battery problems

    Helloooooh ! I need to boost the battery that is under the passenger seat. I have a Nautilus Power Pack and it says to attach the red line to the positive and then to ground the black clamp on heavy unpainted metal, can't find that under the front seat! Then I found some blogs that said you can't boost the air cooled batteries while attached because you'll wreck something, the battery or engine, so I don't know what I'm doing...ya think? This granny likes to fix as much as she can, but first I like to find out how to do it!
    I also have one low cycliner and my baby is gobbling oil, but so far no luck on finding someone who does rebuilt motors on this one, and PugCity I think they were called said somewhere between 6 to nine grand for a new motor, definitely not in my budget. Suggestions? Anne ps it ran good before I let it sit over winter other than the oil usage; it hadn't been pigging out on oil, I wouldn't have known I needed to have the compression checked.

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    Where are to located..also, I don't know what you mean by "boost". If the battery under the passengers seat is shot, get a Interstate MT 41. That's about the best CCA battery money will buy. Which cylinder is dead...An air cooled rebuild CAN cost $$$$$ but it depends on who rebuilds it and the quality of the parts they use.
    How did you determine you need a new engine? Is your mechanic a SAVVY Vanagon mechanic or a run of the mill auto mechanic. If your Van ran pretty good prior to parking it ---it should still run pretty good. Did you drain out all the old oil and replace it and the filter. Its common for a vehicle that sits for any amount of time to cough and sneeze and to fart and smoke a bit.

    Whatever you decide to do DONT install a GEX motor. You would be better off giving the money to your favorite charity than to install a hunk of crap like the GEX. STAY FAR away from a Jake Lake rebuild too !!!! Find a qualified Vanagon mechanic to get an honest and thorough diagnostic report of your Vans current condition B4 spending $$$$ on something you might not need.

    For what it might be worth...check out www.roadhaus.com OR The Vanagon Rescue Squad. These sites will give you honest evaluations of mechanics located in your area/State/City etc.....

    Good luck to you ,I hope you get back up and running. Its good to hear of another aircooled,I have an 82 Westy myself.

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