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Thread: Greetings from Georgia

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    Cool Greetings from Georgia

    Just got a 74 Westy 3 days ago. Needs some work and it was converted to a type I engine but she has been reliable so far. Took her out camping yesterday but still had to sleep in a tent as it currently has no canvas. Needless to say my girls are excited.



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    Greetings right back to you...from California. The tea leaves indicate many safe and happy travels await you and yours. Keep in mind your driving a "classic" so do a few safety checks B4 a long camping trip. One of the main things to investigate are the fuel lines. The refineries dump a lot of ingredients into their fuel formula and one of them is alcohol. The alcohol likes to degrade the fuel lines from the inside out.
    Goodyear and or Gates manufacture a fuel line with a plastic insert that's impervious to alcohol.

    You want to choose a fuel line that has SAE-J-30R9 printed on it. Personally I'm not a fan of the braided fuel lines since the braid can dry out due to the heat generated in the engine compartment.

    Aside from changing out the oil and the break fluid and giving her a major tune up it looks like you got a nice 74.


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