New Portable Tailgate System From Dish Network Perfect For Camping

New Portable Tailgate System From Dish Network Perfect For Camping

The DISH Network company recently announced the new Tailgater system that has been under development for many years. This portable satellite television system is designed to keep DISH Network fans watching their favorite shows even while camping, tailgating, traveling in an RV or other fun outdoor past times. With the new Tailgater, you don’t have to be indoors to watch high quality television programming. The $350 unit allows you to roam through state parks or enjoy the atmosphere of a crowded sports arena parking lot without leaving your TV behind.

The unit is also affordablely priced, making it an easy to afford addition to your camping gear or RV. The light weight, white rounded unit weighs only 10 pounds. It also doesn’t have any external, protruding antennas or dishes to accidentally damage. No more manual adjustment is required either because the unit will automatically pick up the satellite signal itself. A small set top box is included in the package that connects to the device. Bring along a small TV and a source of power, and you can watch satellite television in any outdoor setting.

Set up is fast and easy too, taking just minutes to find the signal and transfer it to the TV. Even if you’re only staying in an area for a few hours for tailgaiting, setting up your Tailgater system is worth the effort. The system supports high definition resolutions, making the big game or your favorite nighttime drama appear crisp and clear. The system supports all of the channels offered by DISH Network. You’ll get full access to any programming package you choose. If you don’t travel very often, the month-by-month payment plan will save you money when you’re not on the road. Just pay when you know you’ll be camping or tailgaiting that month.

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