Power your gadgets with the wind using a lightweight, home-made turbine

Depending on where you are in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s either getting to the end of the camping season, or finally cooling down enough to enjoy being outdoors the whole day. So it might be the perfect time to build the Camping Wind Turbine, a tiny, portable propellor which will charge small gadgets.

The turbine was put together by “ineverfinishanyth” over on Instructables, and is incredibly simple in concept, although you’ll need to do some drilling and sawing to put it all together. Three plastic propellor blades are attached to a rescued DC motor, and then the assembly sits atop a stand with fold-up feet. The whole setup weighs 16 ounces (454 grams), but if you ditch the stand and carry only the propellor and motor, the weight drops to five ounces, or 142 grams.

Ineverfinishanyth says that the turbine puts out a little juice in a low breeze, but when thing get a little gustier, it can supply 1.6 volts. This could be used to power a small lamp or charge a phone. In the latter case, I’d prefer a little more circuitry, and maybe a small battery, to keep the current coming smoothly.

I might just give this one a go. After all, the parts are virtually free. I shall then attach it to a small USB-powered fan, point them towards each other and reap the riches my infinite, free-energy machine will bring.

Camping Wind Turbine [Instructables via Life Hacker]

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